My Adventure Story Week 9!

Hi everyone,

I am super excited to share with you the final chapter of my adventure story. But before that here is a quick recap on what has happened in my story so far, Ellie (the main character) loves running, but her parents don’t want her to go alone, so one night she sneaks out and goes to all sorts of different, mythical lands by climbing through to hollows of willow trees. But she can’t find her way home! To find her way home she goes through all the hollows in the willow trees that she can find, until she goes through one hollow in a willow tree that takes her to someone else’s house. Oh no, what is she going to do now?

The options were:

a) Ellie falls out of the cupboard and is exposed.

b) Ellie disappears.

c) Ellie is sucked back to where she came from.


You all voted for a, Ellie falls out of the cupboard and is exposed.

Here is chapter 7, hope you like it:

Chapter 7


I hear footsteps approaching me. I scramble myself, up off the floor and into a cupboard that I came out of. I shut the door quietly and wait for them to leave. Oh, now what am I to do? Then all of a sudden, I get knocked over by a vacuum cleaner in the cupboard and I push through the cupboard door and fall out on to the floor. I see familiar faces but they don’t look as though they recognise me. Maybe I don’t know them after all? I stand up and brush off after bruising my knee and hitting my head on the floor. The owners of the house say to me, “Who are you and why are you in our house?” they screech at me.

“My name is Ellie and I wounded up here because I fell into the hollow of a tree, before I knew it, I was sliding down through this huge pipe and ended up falling out of the cupboard.” I reply.

“Oh, well that explains everything. You will be welcome to stay at our place until you find your way back home.” They say surprisingly. We talk for a little while more and turns out that they are my parents and this is my house. I wonder why they don’t remember me. Oh well they will remember me by the morning. When bedtime comes they come up and show me where I will be sleeping for the night and it is my room. I am finally home, well, not really.

Once my ‘parents’ are asleep, I sneak out the window to see if any of my neighbours remember me. I bubble out of the window very smoothly and hit the ground. I go around to the front of the house to find my neighbours houses, but when I get there, there is nothing but wood and green. Where did all the houses go?

In the morning I wake up ready to get my parents to remember me. I ask them if they have any kids themselves and they say that a child has never really stepped a foot in this house. But they did once have a child, and her name was Elouise, one night she ran away and never returned so they moved house and they said that if they do have another child, they won’t let  that child leave the house without one of them with her/him ever! Maybe I have travelled into the past and that happened to me. I am the child that was never allowed to go anywhere without one of my parents.

I am the restricted child!


The End!

There is the last chapter, I hope that you liked it!

Until next time,



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  1. Congratulations on completing your CYOA Sachi and for the way you have listened to the feedback given and worked hard to improve your narrative writing.

    Mrs Miller

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