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My name is Sachi. I go to school in Sydney and I am 11 years old. I love singing, dancing and playing music. I play netball and tennis and I enjoy both of them very much but I am a bit more of a music person. I also love to write. I am actually writing a book at the moment, it is very fun to write and I also find it to be quite interesting.

I go to a dance school and we do a concert at the end of every year for the parents and friends. I also go to dance competitions with my dance group. It is very fun and if we are lucky we win and that is the best feeling possible.

I also sing but I don’t take lessons but I am thinking about taking lessons, so hopefully I will get better.

I love playing music. It just lets me feel relaxed and in control.

I play netball and it is super fun. I play netball because I wanted to play a team sport and I thought netball would be a good choice because I knew that it would be fun and it is.

I play tennis and it is also super fun. I played because my sister played and it is really fun. We learn new things each lesson and I also love my coach. Tennis lets me hit things, which I love to do and it also lets me have lots of fun, plus I get lots of exercise.

I write as well, but not professionally, of course. I write because I can make anything happen and can make my world come alive. Writing is one of my passions because the book I write is my world. Writing is something that I have loved to do since year 4 and I will probably love it for the rest of my life.

This was just a little bit about me, Sachi!

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